2015 Poster Presentations

Intracardiac Echocardiography-Guided Device Closure of non-PFO/ASD Cardiac Shunts

Benjamin Acheampong, Jonathan N. Johnson, Donald J. Hagler, Allison K Cabalka, Frank Cetta, Nathaniel W. Taggart

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome with Complete Heart Block: Case Presentation and Literature Review

Maytham Alkubaisi, Massimo Caputo, Anas Taqatqa, Sawsan Awad

3D Rotational Angiography-Guided Stent Placement for Treatment of Acquired Supravalvar Aortic Stenosis

Jason H. Anderson, Kenneth A. Fetterly, Nathaniel W. Taggart

Late Outcomes After Surgical Repair For Tetralogy of Fallot with Absent Pulmonary Valve

Daniel Beacher, Salil Ginde, Michael Mitchell, Ronald Woods, James Tweddell, Michael Earing

Efficacy and Safety of Cryoablation for AV nodal reentrant tachycardia in Pediatric Patients

Daniel J. Beissel, John Papagiannis, Dianna Newton, Jennifer Panuco, Svjetlana Tisma-Dupanovic

Intraventricular Flow Profile in the Single Left Ventricle Palliated with Fontan Using Echocardiographic Contrast Particle Imaging Velocimetry.

Mary Craft, Ling Li, Roberta Hess Joan Olson, Gianni Pedrizzetti, Shelby Kutty

Outcomes of Interventions for Congenital Heart Defects in Patients with Trisomy 18: A Single Institution Review.

Erin Davis

Surgical treatment of a neonate with congenital left main coronary artery atresia

Travis F. D’Souza, Bennett P. Samuel, Joseph J. Vettukattil, Marcus P. Haw

Heart Failure May Cause Immunodeficiency in Pre-Transplant Patients

R. Erik Edens, Lajja Desai, Laura Felderman

Endocarditis at the Junction of Right Coronary Artery Fistula and Superior Vena Cava

Greg Frary, Ty Hasselman, David Chan, Priti Patel, and John Cheatham

Congenital Heart Disease Simulation Curriculum: Educating the Pediatrician

Tyler H. Harris, Mark Adler, Sharon Unti, Mary E. McBride

Heart Rate and Rhythm Response to Waterslides in Healthy Young Adults

Elise S. Hokanson, Alexander Brauer, Marlowe W. Eldridge, Kathleen R. Maginot, John S. Hokanson

Epinephrine Dosing Interval and Survival Outcomes During Pediatric In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

Derek B Hoyme, Sonali S Patel, Ricardo A Samson, Tia T Raymond, Vinay M Nadkarni, Dianne L Atkins

Cardiac Computed tomography in Neonates with complex cardiac defects and 3D printed Heart model.

Wasim Khan, Zerafshan Syed, Christine Tracy, Chandrakant Patel, Phil Smith, John Lane, David Waight, Ashish Saini, Zoya Khan

Sex Differences in Right Ventricular Gene Expression in a Rat Model of Pulmonary Hypertension

S Kirmani, L Gifford, F Ahmad

Successful Repair of Anomalous Single Coronary Artery from the Pulmonary Artery with an Intramural Right Coronary Artery

Thomas Kleisli, Michael C. Mongé, David F. Wax, Andrada R. Popescu, C. Elise Duffy, Carl L. Backer

Utilizing 3-D NavX for Transseptal Puncture as an Additional Safeguard – A Case Series

C Knoedel, B Dexter, I Law, N Von Bergen

Heterotaxy Syndrome

Loomba Rohit

Impact of era, type of isomerism, and ventricular morphology on survival in heterotaxy: implications for therapeutic management

Loomba Rohit

Should Bicuspid Aortic Valve Morphology be Incorporated into the Criteria of Shone’s Complex?

Larkin X. Luo, Mark Ruzmetov, Jitendra J. Shah, Karl F. Welke

Surgical Atrioventricular (AV) Block and the Single Ventricle Patient: Risks, Results and Resolutions

Amanda M Marshall, David A Danford, hristopher C Erickson, James M Hammel, John D Kugler

Incidental Echocardiogram Finding in Asymptomatic Bone Marrow Transplant Patient—How Do You Proceed?

Sarah Mitchell

There are Benefits of Using Fresh Whole Blood in Cardiopulmonary Bypass Prime in Neonatal and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

Andrea Moll

Location Matters – A Site Specific Analysis of Right Ventricular Outflow Tract

Joseph R. Nellis, Joseph W. Turek, Turek, Osamah T Aldoss, Dianne L Atkins, Benton Y. Ng

Pericardial Echinococcosis, Case Presentation and Literature Review

Bassel Mohammad Nijres, SawsanAwad, Samir Srour

Implementation of a Quality Improvement Program Improves Wait Time for Patients in a Busy Pediatric Echocardiography Laboratory

Ashley Warta, Tara Swanson, Jennifer Marshall, Girish Shirali, Anitha Parthiban

Echocardiographic diagnosis and treatment of anomalous left coronary artery from the pulmonary artery; a 25 year experience

Shivani G. Patel, Peter C. Frommelt, Michele A. Frommelt, Jonathan W. Cramer

Trends in the Timing of Stage II Single Ventricle Palliation from 2009 to 2014: A Study from the National Pediatric Cardiology Quality Improvement Collaborative

Rauser-Foltz K, Kugler J, Anderson J, Kutty, S

Description of Diagnostic Testing in the Evaluation of Syncope

Connor Redd, Jeffrey B. Anderson, Cameron Thomas, Martha Willis

Correlation Between EGC Abnormalities and Marijuana Use in the Pediatric Population

Jeffrey A Robinson, Sahana Somasegar, and Christopher S Snyder

Diagnostic Tilt Table Testing to Elicit Pseudosyncope in the Pediatric Population

Jeffrey A Robinson, Jill K Shivapour, and Christopher S Snyder

Sternal Precautions After Pediatric Cardiac Surgery: A Survey of Current Practice

Leslie Rodman

Anticoagulation Use and Thrombosis Rate in Children with Artopulmonary Shunts

O Rodriguez, JM Staber

Anatomic Repair of Congenitally Corrected Transposition of the Great Arteries: Single Center Intermediate Term Experience

Shagun Sachdeva, Roni M. Jacobsen, Ronald K. Woods, Michael E. Mitchell, Joseph R. Cava, Nancy S. Ghanayem, Peter C. Frommelt, Peter J Bartz, James S. Tweddell

SVC Syndrome Following Orthotopic Heart Transplantation Resolved Via AngioJet Thrombolysis: A Case Report

Kristen L. Sessions, Jason H. Anderson, Jonathan N. Johnson, Nathaniel W. Taggart

A Multi-Institutional Evaluation of Antibody-Mediated Rejection Utilizing the PHTS Database: Incidence, Therapies, and Outcomes

Philip T. Thrush, Elfriede Pahl, David C. Naftel, Elizabeth Pruitt, Melanie D. Everitt, Heather Missler, Steven D. Zangwill, Michael Burch, Timothy M. Hoffman, Ryan J. Butts, William T. Mahle

Bicuspid Aortic Valve (BAV)

Karl Welke


2015  Oral Presentations

Atrial Fibrillation Presenting as Cardiac Arrest in Young Patients

Alex J. Thompson, Phillip L Wackel, Bryan C. Cannon

CACNA1C Exon 16 Variant in Patients with Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia

Amanda M. Marshall, John D. Kugler, LuAnn Mill, Kris Houston, Lois Starr, Christopher C Erickson, MD

Cardiac Catheterization in the Immediate Postoperative Period_Do Results from Center of Excellence Apply to the Real World

Ben Dexter

Long Term Evaluation of Patients with Congenital Heart Disease and Congenital Arrhythmias with Pacemakers

Justin Vaverka, Joseph Turek, Mark Olson, Ian Law, Nicholas Von Bergen

Long Term Outcomes After Surgical Pulmonary Arterioplasty_ Analysis of Re-Intervention Rates and Patient-Specific Risk Factors

Nicole M. Cresalia, Aimee K. Armstrong, Jennifer C. Hirsch-Romano, Mark Norris, Sunkyung Yu, Albert P. Rocchini, Jeffrey D. Zampi

Novel Modifications of a Ventricular Assist Device for Infants and Children

Michael C. Mongé, Bradley T. Kulat, Osama Eltayeb, Shyamasundar Balasubramanya, Anne E. Sarwark, Neale R. Zingle, Steven T. Moss, Michael Alice Moga,  Elfriede Pahl, John M. Costello, Carl L. Backer

Patters of Aortopathy and Valve Pathology Differ in Children and Young Adults with Bicuspid Aortic Valve and Marfan Syndrome

Karl Welke

Pediatric Cardiac Surgical Outcomes Following Implementation of a Novel Acuity Adaptable Care Model

John M. Costello, Elizabeth Preze, Nguyenvu Nguyen, Mary E. McBride, James W. Collins, Osama Eltayeb, Michael C. Mongé, Barbara J. Deal, Michelle Stephenson, Carl L. Backer

Post Discharge Telephone Follow up Reduces Early Hospital Readmission in Patients after Congenital Heart Surgery

Entela B. Lushaj, Kari Nelson, Kate Amond, Eugene Kenny, Abbasali Badami, Petros V. Anagnostopoulos

Repair of Partial Atrioventricular Septal Defect_Age and Outcomes

Paul J. Devlin, Carl L. Backer, Osama Eltayeb, Michael C. Mongé, Amanda Hauck, John M. Costello

Resource Utilization at a Pediatric Versus and Adult Cardiac Center for Pulmonary Valve Replacement in Adolescents and Young Adults

Chris Sumski, Stephen Wilkinson, Jeremy Affolter, Pippa Simpson, Melodee Nugent, Michael Earing, Peter Bartz 

Transparency and Outcome Reporting in Congenital Heart Care_A Single Center Assessment of Provider Knowledge

Nancy A Rudd, Jena B Tanem, Nancy S Ghanayem, Garick D Hill